The Little Miracles Of Misanthropy

by The Little Miracles of Misanthropy

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released June 8, 2009



all rights reserved


The Little Miracles of Misanthropy Tempe

The Little Miracles of Misanthropy is Tempe, AZ singer/songwriter Ben Jacobs. Ben writes and performs thought provoking, indie-folk driven acoustic music that explores nature, history, literature, and the simple struggle to be good humans.


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Track Name: Seven Hills
Burnett Wood
Take me down
Through the snow
Past the lamp post
Down the hill
To the water
Where the dogs play in the twilight

We know it’s cold
But don’t feel a thing
We’re beginning
Our early days

Fascinate me
With lighted matches
Burning on the glass-top table
Tried to charm you with scattered candy
And with jokes fashioned as fable

We fight the tide
And learn brand new words
Trying to lengthen
This early day

When every moment
Was revelation
Every glance brought a new desire
The whispered promise
Of furtive kisses
And furtive hands
The thousand sighs

You like my hair
My black Docs
The smell of soap when I come to see you
I drink your tea
Touch your skin
Fall asleep with your warmth and Vindu

Wake in the dark
Put down these words
These early days
Track Name: Where We're Planted
On a bus destined for quiet shoals
We ride in
Cramped spaces
Sure that fortune takes us towards our goal
Of enlightenment

Seeking evidence of modern love
Takes us to
Strange places
With ideals of life that never was
On firmament

Why all the shouting
And demagoguery
If you think that your way is best
Just live it, let these others be

Still it’s difficult to make our quest with
No boons to
Return with
But we really want to make an end
And head on home

See the friends we haven’t seen for weeks
Make food and
Have a party
Contemplate the failure of our trip
And what that means

But they don’t care that
We’re no wiser than we were
If we want to reach that higher place
Maybe we should keep our travels
to our own back yard

Tend the people we already love
Hang out and
Share smiles
Maybe we can make a neighborhood in
Our own place
Grow in this place
Track Name: Love Notes In Origami
You hold beauty
Close behind you
Stoic, hidden
Ivory clad

Cryptic notes on
Gilded paper
Describe your love
In frail hand

When you dream cruel
Lovers court you
Callous shadows
Shaped of fear

Warm winds blow you
Out from slumber
Into waters
Fine, still, and clear

There we meet
Lie knee to knee
All in disarray

Call the child
With long dark hair
To pull us into day
Track Name: Waiting For Rain
I know that we should be talking about it
But I just can’t spare the effort to start speaking
I pretend that it’s all just
Going away
And I call that “hope”

Days ago the telephone stopped ringing
To save us from the harder lines of power
This all comes down
With a notice on the door

‘Cause we live down in this in valley
With the strip malls and the dust
And long for green
We don’t have
And wait for rain

I don’t know when it was that I stopped sleeping
To think about how I could make some money
But ideas
Comes as easy
As good work

And I know we didn’t do anything wrong
Still I lie here in my shame
Untying the knot
And punching air
And waiting for the rain

When you look down the horizon
And you see what’s on the way
You can’t go back
You can’t stand down
You just wait for the rain
Track Name: Little Miracles
When he says that I hate people
And she beams and tell him, “Me too”
Then what does that say about them
When they say
"I love you."

‘cause he appreciates the irony
Of getting weak about the knees
Just listening to her rail
At stupid things
That stupid people do

He likes to take her to a movie
She likes to take him out to dance
But a good fight with the neighbors
Sets the table for romance

In times
Like these
We all depend on love

There’s no real secret to their happiness
He earns each kiss and each caress
By telling some nitwits just precisely
How they've done things wrong

‘cause they’re not smart like her
Or quick like him
Most still believe that Seraphim
Are watching them
Protecting them all day long

He knows just how to push her buttons
She knows the way to catch his ear
Won’t involve random acts of kindness
To the troglodytes ‘round here

In times like these
We all depend on love
Track Name: Sitting in Chief's Cafe
Chief’s Café
Sitting alone on creaking vinyl
Drinking shots and drafts with lonely pension men

Forced back to your hometown by your failure
Your future empty and dim as these old men’s here with you

“Don’t follow me”
Your father would say as he pulled on his work boots
Stay here and read
You go be a businessman
Don’t work with your hands
No one respects that life anymore
Go be better than me

So you did
Followed your friends and the sun to the new west
Learned how to work without sweat just like a modern man

Did OK
You never got rich but you had your own house
A trip every spring and some money you’d set aside for someday

Now it’s all gone
You did what they said to prepare for your future
Got a degree
And put in your share of full days
They didn’t care
Once they found somebody else to work cut price
Half the world away

Now you sit
In the same crappy bar you’d avoided your whole life
Laugh bitter and hard at the jokes you can find in the irony

Don’t listen to me
Is that what you’ll say to your own someday children
Learn to love greed
Or to be a politician
Don’t make anything
There’ll always be someone else making it cheaper
And then you’ll end like me
Track Name: April 4th
The sign glowed fierce
Once the early spring night fell
Friends resigned and mourning
Gathered at that bleak Memphis hotel

Taken away already
His suitcase still packed by the sink
With a bloody stain left behind
To darken in the neon blink

Colleagues sat in silence
Or gazed out seeing naught
At the old abandoned row house
Across the parking lot

They comforted each other
Soaking shoulders under brows
Will Campbell standing alone outside
Wondering, “What do we do now?”

And Thinking
Glory’s gone
Down in Tennessee

Any talk of trouble
Was met with quick disclaim
Was everything they’d worked for
Destined to dissolve in hurt and pain

There was more than just a body
There was bitter uncertainty
Being put into the belly of that plane
Heading back to Montgomery

Glory's gone
Down In Tennessee
Track Name: Americans In Exile
We drive slow
Following directions we can't see
Showing doors we've no hope of opening

When we left home
We were filled with the zeal of new intent
Notes on Kant
And the dreams of lower rent

Now the cafes we attempt to dine in
Never want to let us in
They can see we are guilty of the sin
Of our birth

So we sleep on trains
Avoiding all the notice that we can
Hiding our passports in the shadows of our hands

And the telephone
Remains the only link to what we've left behind
Though there's not a single one of use who pines
For our old homes

We'll just move on
Live our lives out as perpetual vagabonds
Unremembered and finally unloved

And in the end we'll finally all admit
We were more than just a little bit afraid
The results of the choices that we made
Didn't mean a thing