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released September 12, 2011

Thanks again to Jim W. for the outstanding art work!



all rights reserved


The Little Miracles of Misanthropy Tempe

The Little Miracles of Misanthropy is Tempe, AZ singer/songwriter Ben Jacobs. Ben writes and performs thought provoking, indie-folk driven acoustic music that explores nature, history, literature, and the simple struggle to be good humans.


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Track Name: She Bangs on the World
Clipping photos from the Daily News
To add to the layers on her bedroom wall
Of the men who whisper secrets
In words she doesn’t know

She plays the TV real loud all day long
Tuned to static noise
That lives between the dials
Trying to keep herself together
And cool her beating heart

She reads her books with eyes shut tight
Picturing the words written just for her
Nothing makes sense when she is quiet
So she bangs on the world
She bangs on the world

She hates it when her mother’s crying
Because she doesn’t like the water in her hair
She won’t go see another doctor
She doesn’t want to share

She screams as loudly as she can
Relishing the fire dissonance ignites
Nothing makes sense when she is quiet
So she bangs on the world
She bangs on the world

She’d like to see the outside world again
But pills just make her slow
Turn her ambitions off
So she drifts into the volume
Where she can hear her thoughts

She keeps her old picture in a book
Underneath the floor tucked behind the bed
Back from the days when she still smiled
Now she bangs on the world
She bangs on the world
Track Name: The Long Ride
Look at what we made
When we weren’t even trying
Inch by inch, frame by frame
A tide across the sand

I choose every day with you
To go on this long ride

Coin by coin, in a jar
All being saved for nothing
Seeing trouble, from afar
Has always been your strength

No signs tell us where to go
Travelling on, this long ride

I’ll stay the one you turn to
You be my evening star
‘till the road has turned to nothing
And the gas outlasts the car

Coolest summer we ever felt
Under these trees we’re missing
Soft in sound but blue as bells
The wind through copper braid

I’m just a profile photo
Aging on this long ride
Track Name: Pot of Soup
Sun glares through the windshield
Though it’s barely afternoon
Can’t delude myself
I know you’re going to be here soon

It’s been four months since I’ve seen you
More than nine since we last talked
Take my deep breaths
Get ready for the aftershock

‘Cause we both know why you’re coming
But there’s a lot of spaces in between
Just what you think I owe you
And what you’re finally going to get from me

But that’s what brothers do
When it all falls through
You take what you can
With your head and your hands
And then you just hold on

You say it’s not about the money
Well it’s sure not about your pride
But I recognize the signs of someone
Contemplating fratricide

Now don’t go getting squeamish
I’ve made my share of those plans too
And once we’ve got the knives out
Who knows who’ll end up sticking who

But my hands won’t be shaking
If you show up throwing more than words
We’re way past conversation
Hurtling on to where we both get burned

‘Cause that’s what brothers do
When it all falls through
You take what you can
With your head and your hands
And then you just hold on

Yeah that’s what brothers do
It’s an ancient truth
You do what you can
To wipe the blood from your hands
And then you just hold on
Track Name: Therapy for the Mostly Willing
Broken, down to elements
Filtered through mesh strong and delicate
Stripped of sad particulates
That I couldn’t choose to leave far behind

Learning, new tricks of memory
Lyric, mnemonic, repeatingly
Tuned to the olfactory
‘til I almost see what I keep inside

But when I
Can feel my arms again
It’s like drag
On cold, clean oxygen
Clearing the fog from everything
It isn’t nice
But it isn’t unkind

Muscles, latex and liquidy
Fresh from the thrill of electricity
Gives me focus and clarity
I’ve never known in my life before

So I’ll build
On every little gain
Glue pieces back
To make a whole again
And be ok with this bargain
Oh, it isn’t nice
But it isn’t unkind
Track Name: The Wine of Summer
We aren’t bothered
By the twinkling
Of the great square of the horse
The smell of wood smoke
and woolen scratching
Hasn’t wearied us on cool times yet

Because we took our shoes off
When the days were longer
And the water bearer blessed us from on high
We rolled on the soft grass
‘till our backs were prickled
And we’d drank the wine of summer
‘till the bottles all ran dry

Cold Orion
Caught behind a screen of haze and snow
No furs or steaming
Mugs and glasses
Hold the stuff we need to make us warm


Come now archer
With the great shield
Pour the sun on us in molten drops
Let hot winds take us
Past the dark swan
To the verdant pastures
Where your arrow dropped

Where we’ll take our shoes off
Now that days are longer
And the water bearer blesses us from way on high
We’ll roll on the soft grass
‘till our backs are prickled
And we’ll drink the wine of summer
‘till the bottles all run dry (x2)
Track Name: Ghost of a Chance
In the tombs where the dark water drips
Underneath the broken remnants
of great old draftsmanship
I sit and wait for you
Hopeful for some notice
Pretty sure I’m just wasting my time

You’d been 60 years removed from the light
By the time my bones were first placed
Underneath these stone spires
Each one spent patiently
Holding to a promise
Made for eternity in your life

Then you float on in
Just to float on back out again
Leaving any thought of romance
Cold and still, without a ghost of a chance

In the quiet of this long season’s wait
After ancestors and young ones
Have all moved on to fade
You lingered here, and I did too
You waiting for that someone
And me waiting for you, and now it’s late

But you float on still
Hopeful for your love
But your hope’s never fulfilled
Leaving us in poor elegance
Cold and still, without a ghost of a chance
Track Name: First Street
We talked about big towns
Like they were foreign worlds
Chromium bright
And just about as far away

We dreamed up our big plans
With adolescent verve
All about the light
And nothing for the cost we’d pay

From First Steet
Never thought that you’d be the one to stay behind
Forgive me
Just think about me
Like I think of you from time to time

Two volunteer exiles
Puffed up with selfish love
Pulling on black
Like a million kids had done before

But unions are fragile
And tended carelessly
Dry up like moss
Left forgotten by an open door

That’s what we get
When we talk about it
When we talk about a love
Track Name: No Rain, Again
The sunset wind
Carrying the dust again
Following the line of the darkness
She turned her head aside
To keep the grit out of her eyes
Waiting for the calm

Trees bent low
Creaking against the blow
Supplicants in hope of assistance
But help won’t ever come
Underneath a shrouded Sun
Waiting for the calm

There’s a place in visions
Was never meant to be
And it won’t be found by heart
Or any artifice of chart
Waiting for the calm

Standing cold and small
Amid the clutter of the squall
Watching clouds recede past the tree line
Kissed by rusty light
And thinking, “No rain again tonight”
Waiting for the calm

Where the land lies lowest
Takes water to the sea
And it won’t be stopped by hand
Or any obstacle of man
When it’s waiting for the calm