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released June 3, 2010

Special thanks to Jim W. for the cover design.



all rights reserved


The Little Miracles of Misanthropy Tempe

The Little Miracles of Misanthropy is Tempe, AZ singer/songwriter Ben Jacobs. Ben writes and performs thought provoking, indie-folk driven acoustic music that explores nature, history, literature, and the simple struggle to be good humans.


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Track Name: Missing David Foster Wallace
Treasure hunting prose
Searching for the truths that sometimes
Only fiction shows
On the edge of understanding, I

Let my Converse take me
From Philosophy to Early Man
Oh, but you play the Dunlop Black Max Graphite
You’re going to bury them

Curing loneliness
Your mother’s quirky phrases, and your
Heavy, endless Jest
Flipping to an endnote brings me

Just a little closer
To what it means to be a human being
Oh but you play the Dunlop Black Max Graphite
You’re going to bury me

Hating your MacArthur
The baggage and the gown
You may have gotten through it
But the Nardil really let you down

Once again with hope
I’ll cycle through the canon
And emerge with some new mote
Some little thing that gets me. Oh I,

Don’t always like
The way it makes me feel
I’m embarrassed at my jealousy
Oh but you play then Dunlop Black Max Graphite
You’re going to bury me
Track Name: The Redemption Of Richard III
Back in Bosworth
When the horses were my disappointment
I lay broken against the bridge
While the usurpers chanted
Crying “God Save The King.”

You came to your capitol
From the wild mountains of Wyoming
Propelled by old connections
And the men of higher commerce
Who find gold in the arms of suffering

And I cried, “Treason, treason, treason”
As they pulled me to the ground
When you used the same word
It’s was for different reasons
And you brought the whole world down

Two boys, young princes
Not by my hand to that tower taken
Though commands that murdered thousands
Issued out from your high office
They call me the King of Villains

And you cried, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!”
With the Smirk at your right hand
Then you smothered dissent
Under an iron blanket
That you’d spread across your land

Long years I’ve listened
To the false tales ‘bout my mind and body
Twisted into horrors
By the victors of the Roses
To cement their claims to title

I see your torment
How you ache to be remembered fairly
It took England’s greatest writer
To reduce me to a monster
Tell me, who will lie for your name

And you’ll cry “Reason, reason, reason”
Trying to justify your deeds
But the world knows well
The winner’s voice is loudest
In the tomes of history
Track Name: The Known Universe
It takes a year
For the light from you to reach me now
And in that time
I’ve hardly seen you move

Staring from your chair
You pull your collar in
And linger on the promise
Of what we might have been

And when I get
To the place beyond all waves etheric
Past every song
Or bonfire light that’s shone

You’ll make up your mind
To put away your ring
And I’ll begin to notice
That I can’t feel a thing

That’s how I’ll know
That I’m falling
Even without
Wind against my skin
That’s how I’ll know
That I’m falling
Falling in

There’ll come a time
When I finally start to lose myself
To drift apart
Like morning mist in sun

I’ll struggle to hold on
Like holding on to rain
Until you follow after
To be with me again

I won’t even know
That I’m falling
When there isn’t
Wind against my skin
How can I know
That I’m falling
Falling in
Track Name: Hurricane Wind
Sixteen Weeks
Of undone plans
Sailing circles
In search of secret lands

Through swells or slack sheets
Or through needle prick rain
Out from Freeport
Bound for Taprobane

Where maidens wait to bless us
If our fortune begins
But we’ll need hurricane winds
To bring this ship on in

Beautiful monsters
Kept us lost
In azure water
At terrible cost

But we fixed all our damage
And sealed all of the cracks
‘till lack of water
Forced us to turn back

When we risked shattered timbers
For the feel of the ground
Hoping for hurricane winds
To turn our ship around

I heard someone searching for an open door
Asking questions I didn’t have an answer for
So I prayed to whoever
Wouldn’t leave us alone
To send a hurricane wind
To bring our ship back home

In the sunset
Of this life
With full grown family
And contented wife

I fill my role as Pater
And provide quiet laps
Tell tales about the days
When there were holes in the maps

And look past the breakers
To the open lanes
Dreaming of hurricane winds
To take me out again
Track Name: Science And Mathematics
Peking Man is a dangerous thing
When it contradicts the teaching
The five-boned hand and the angel’s wing
Should really get along

But there’s profit in obfuscation
Motivation for willful ignorance
Questions leading to other questions
Are usually best suppressed

Elliptical paths are truthful things
As they were in the beginning
The Sun declined from its perfect ring
Didn’t change but in our minds

Don’t force faith into an equation
Draw conclusions before there’s evidence
Let the data dictate the message
Make good use of that good fence

Pricker men will hunt you down
To discredit what you’re saying
They’ll swim your words in a river brown
With confusion heaven sent

Telling lies in defense of dogma
Letting silver describe the arc of thought
Melting ice can have different meanings
Than hegemony has bought

Thinking men are dangerous things
When they contradict the teachings
Track Name: A Quest For Water
Nothing growing here
All color gone
We’re going to start our journey east
Squinting at the sun

We’re on a sovereigns quest for water
And we won’t be back `til summer
When the sun comes down
On our homes

Feed on golden rays
That never soak the ground
We’re gonna slide down the errant face
Burnishing the sand

We’re on a sovereigns quest for water
Shearing off the tops of the asters
Paint the golden wheel
And we won’t stop `til our eyes turn
Showing us the path
To take us home

The cedar in our shoes
Makes it hard to walk but it’s worth it
The stones are opportune
But they’re heavier than the fourth of
The load were carrying to
The little lake to the North of
Where we’re supposed to be
To make it home
Track Name: Beirut

Transport planes
Over the cotton fields that day
More than a hundred
Glances, between us speculate
What we didn’t know
And the wind came in

A shelter floor
Feels cool against the skin
Unless it’s crowded
And humid, with people gathering
Waiting to see
And the wind came in

You were angry
At the thousands in Kings Square
Looked at me with disappointment
When you found out I’d gone there
How I wish I could have told you
What I’d beenlooking for that night
But you never let me finish
You just thought that you were right

She spoke her grief
Over the boy in the café
In words I didn’t know yet
Until you could tell me what they meant
Trying to learn
And the wind came in